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Boomerang Transport first began with a childhood passion for trucking by Amar Shergill. From a young age, he loved seeing giant 18- wheelers roaring and rolling down the highway. He finally decided to take the leap into opening a transportation and logistics company in 2020, when his love for tucking was reinvigorated. 

During the COVID- 19 pandemic: a shortage of truck drivers and an overwhelming need for transportation of goods inspired the company's inception. With the help of his family, Amar Shergill made the decision to start Boomerang Transport Inc to take advantage of the demand created in the industry.

Boomerang Transport offers Full truckload and Less than truckload services throughout Canada and the USA. We dedicate ourselves to ensuring our customers and employees are always taken care of. We pride ourselves on being a reliable, honest, efficient, and friendly Transportation and Logistics company ready to serve all of North America.

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